Get Your Thongs on 1, 2, 3!

Mark your diary because October 1, 2 & 3 will see a footwear revolution, as Youngcare hosts their very first Thong Day national awareness day.

Reflecting Australia’s laid-back, beach lifestyle and what it means to be young, Australian’s will be swept up in thong fever and don their thongs for a truly worthy cause – helping to provide choice in care and accommodation options for young Australians with 24/7 care needs.

While many details are still under wraps, Youngcare can reveal that specially branded Youngcare thongs are being developed by the makers of Havaianas – Dupe – which will be available for purchase Australia-wide in Terry White pharmacies.

Perhaps the biggest and most exciting part of Thong day, is the epic National ‘Thong-a-thon’. You have never seen any type of ‘a-thon’ like it, and Thong Day’s ‘Thong-a-thon’ is set to revolutionize the very definition of a National Fundraising Event.

Supporters all over the country, from all walks of life will be encouraged to host a ‘Thong-a-thon’ of their choosing by gathering with friends, family or co-workers and host an event of their choosing for Youngcare – the only pre-requisite: you must do it in thongs!

The type of Thong-a-thon you choose is completely up to you, limited only by your imagination. Examples can be Thong-a-thons such as a ‘Ping-pong-a-thong’ , a ‘High-tea-a-thong’, or even a ‘River-dance-a-thong’.

Youngcare’s work has only ever been made possible through the combined support of many and this is what thong day is all about. Connection with each other in fun and meaningful way to ensure that every young person is able to live a young life, regardless of their care needs.

Thong Day is Youngcare’s first attempt of achieving this on a national level, and it’s going to be big.

Stay tuned for more Thong Day news!

Get your Thongs in Australia!

Australians love nothing more than the feeling of the wind in their (toe) hairs so what could be better than a national Thong Day?

Youngcare is asking all Australians to don a pair of pluggers for charity on Friday October 1st. The idea is simple: release your feet from their footwear prison for a day and raise money by doing one of the following things:

– Hosting a Thong-a-thon
– Buying a pair of specially branded Youngcare thongs (made by the same people who make Havaianas so guaranteed to be comfy) from a Terry White Chemist for $14.95
– Sponsoring someone who is hosting a Thong-a-thon

What, you may fairly ask, is a Thong-a-thon? It can be described as any activity performed wearing thongs. A pong-a-thong, a high tea-a-thong, an office-a-thong – absolutely any kind of ‘thon’ you like! Can’t do your Thong-a-thon on a Friday? That’s OK because Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd are also open for events.

Youngcare CEO Marina Vit invites all Australian’s to join in the fun of Thong Day, while remembering the Youngcare cause.

“It’s clearly inappropriate that young people with 24/7 care needs are living in aged care, because there are very few other options available,” Ms Vit said.

“Youngcare is committed to providing change and choice for these young Australians with high care needs.”
Once you’ve planned your event, register it at or call 1300YOUNGCARE

Youngcares Thongday takes off

Thousands of people all over the country will release their feet and feel the wind in their (toe) hair from October 1-3 in support of Youngcare’s first national awareness day, Thong Day.

Youngcare CEO Marina Vit said Youngcare is delighted by the incredible support across the country, with hundreds of individuals and businesses supporting the charity by purchasing Youngcare thongs or hosting their own ‘Thong-a-Thons’ at work and at home.

“Thong Day has truly resonated with people all over Australia and will see the nation don their thongs for Youngcare. Thong Day has allowed us to shed light on the lack of appropriate care and accommodation options for young people with 24/7 care needs and the nation is listening,” Ms Vit said.

“Thongs represent youth, freedom, fun and an Australian way of life, all things that young people deserve to experience, regardless of their care needs. Each person supporting Thong Day this weekend is making an invaluable contribution to the lives of young Australians with full time care needs.”

Ms Vit said you don’t need to host an event to make a difference, with other great options to celebrate including purchasing a pair of Youngcare thongs at any Terry White Chemist store for $14.95.

“You can also attend a public Thong Day event, there are several taking place, including a Ping-Pong-a-Thong at IKEA,” Ms Vit said.

Registrations for events close at 5pm on Friday 1 October. Events can be hosted across the entire weekend, with organisers going into the draw to win some fantastic prizes including a holiday for two to Hawaii. The most creative event will receive a special visit from a celebrity Thong Day Ambassador.

There are 6,500 young Australians with full-time care needs currently living in aged care simply because there are few alternatives. A further 700,000 people are being cared for at home by family and friends.

Young people deserve to live young lives, regardless of their care needs, and this Thong Day, you can make a difference.

Thong Day Details:

What: National Thong Day raising funds and awareness for Youngcare
Date: Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd October 2010
Interview opportunities: Marina Vit, Youngcare CEO

For more information or to register your event visit or call 1300YOUNGCARE.

For media information, contact Kathy O’Donnell on 0402 843 037